Honestly, my waking life and dreams revolve around jewelry and leather.

My childhood was spent watching my father turn an ordinary piece of wood into a stunning work of art or creating brilliant oil on canvas paintings with depth, light evocative of great emotion. I was constantly surrounded by aromatics; my father’s wood and paints or my mother’s leather’s for her amazing clothing business. This inspired the passion and curiosity to not only create but also to find ways to share the arts with the world around me.

My passion led me to study graphic design at Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles. After a year spent working in the field of graphic design, a persistent feeling that something was missing came over me. Jewelry had always intrigued me and existed as a hobby. This led to a metalsmithing class that moved passion towards profession. As my business grew, I attended the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. The experience intensified and solidified my passion to create pieces that people are drawn to, will be gifted with great genuine thoughtfulness, and that will be treasured for life by those that admire my style and unique design.

From Lima, Peru to Manhattan Beach, California followed by Sonoma, California and finally Fredericksburg, Texas, my blessed journey has exposed me to many cultures, incredible individuals and perspectives. I am ever grateful to my mentor, leather master, guiding light and mother for inspiring me to always share my creations with others. My line of Vannesa Tosoni leather is a tribute to her.

I hope that you find beauty, inspiration, love, and community with my creations and thank you for the gift of calling my passion a profession.

Vannesa’s unique ability to select the most delicately luminous materials is rooted in the artist’s earnest appreciation for the most subtle nuances of color, texture, and beauty. She credits her father, J. E. Tosoni with teaching her the play of light on a subject. Today her work is showcased in boutiques, art galleries and stores across the United States and beyond and is featured in magazines, film, and television.

Vannesa Tosoni