Vannesa Tosoni’s pilgrimage, from Lima, Peru to her current design studio in Sonoma, California has been a quest in search of color, beauty, texture, & light. As the daughter of the well-known wood sculptor and oil painter J.E. Tosoni, Vannesa’s passion for the arts and for design was carefully nurtured from her early childhood. She has studied in Lima, Peru, Canada & in The United States, obtaining a degree in Graphic Design prior to deciding to concentrate her career on designing & creating eclectic & modern unusual limited edition pieces of jewelry.

Vannesa’s ability to select the most delicately luminous materials are rooted in the artist’s true appreciation for the most subtle nuances of color & beauty as well as the play of light on a subject.

She draws inspiration by meticulously combining 14k, 18k & 24k yellow, white, rose and green gold, sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones, found objects & an assortment of freshwater pearls among other hand-picked objects, recycled & antiques that make up the artists ever-changing jewelry line. Each piece that she creates possesses a luminescence & radiance all its own. Hammered & polished by hand, every creation tells a story of extraordinary determination & desire, just like Vannesa’s own life journey.

Today, over 100 high-end retail stores in the United States, Hawaii, and Japan currently showcase Vannesa’s jewelry. It has also been featured in fashion magazines, films, and on television.

Vannesa Tosoni jewelry is an extraordinary study of determination & desire, blossoming from her God given talent, her joyous & playful nature, her appreciation of the beautiful world around us & from the love & inspiration of her husband, family, clients & friends


Vannesa Tosoni